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I have never had a truly productive weekend. There've been good ones and bad ones but as far as school work goes, I have never ever had a really productive one. I've more or less given up on ever having one.

This weekend was nice and relaxing, which is odd because while I've been scrupulous about getting plenty of sleep during the week so that I don't fall into the Stuy trap of exhaustion, I didn't sleep all that much this weekend.
Thursday was great. I only have one class on Fridays which is OPIM lecture which means no work. Basically just relaxed, hanging out with my roommate and then Liz. Then we had ourselves a little party in Tom's room complete with a guitar playing good music, a hooka for fun and pretty smell and the guys were drinking beer. It was good, mostly clean fun and I loved it. Most of the people there were going to be living with me next year, so I've something to look forward to.
Saw Kill Bill on Friday with Ken. I don't know, I didn't find it gory or disturbing or mindblowing. Sure, I was entertained but overall unimpressed. Hung out some more, went to my room instead of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, because I was tired, it was cold and I didn't care to get plastered. Went back to my room with full intentions of going to bed but ended up reading Ryan's "memoir" thingies. Marriage seems to agree with him.
Saturday was some sleep, and cleaning. Most of the day was spent bringing my clothes and books to order and cleaning in general. I started stat homework but ended up watching the Italian Job and Pirates of the Carribean both of which we stole out of Julian's room. Fell asleep late but happy and relaxed.
Today was great. Woke up at 9, met Erica at 10 and we went to the Rodin museum which is so darling and beautiful, it's gates and hedges covered in white snow- gorgeous. Had excellent brunch Center City, talked our hearts out and window shopped. It was perfect. Maybe because Erica and I are so similar, but different at the same time, maybe because it's been so long since I've done anything like that, but I loved every moment. I was back by four happy and sort of ready to work.

THe weekend is over, exams start next week as well applications for TAing positions and summer grants. Time to sink into my chair and stay there for hours, working and finishing all that needs to be done.
Other things of note are that I finally have my own credit card, a VISA. THe limit on it is only $600 dollars but I dont really care since I dont intend to spend much on it, though I couldn't resist charging the shirt I bought at H&M today on it to christen it. I got myself a little expense book to improve my money system. Other than that, time to go do some work.
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