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I've been thinking a lot about post-Penn but haven't really come up with anything. I'm not sure that I can actually submat, and more importantly I'm not sure that I really want to. It'll be harder to get a job afterwards 'cause I'd be competing with MBAs who already have real experience, plus do I really want to stay in Philly for another two years? Do I want to go to Penn Law? Damn grades and acceptance issues.

My brother made a good point the other day about the consulting industry being on its way out. The giants like McKinsey are becoming more arcane, they are no longer the innovators, boutique firms are taking over. Everything is getting saturated.

Was talking to my boss about graduate school earlier. She suggested I take a long hard look at Chicago for business. They also have a great law school, 6th. But also top rated as being chauvinistic in its practices. Do I want to move away from New York for yet more time? Yet, if I go to grad school right out of college I don't want to be financially pressured into having to live at home. If I was in a different city it wouldn’t be an issue. But I'd also be away from the city, away from my friends.

If I work for a few years first, what the hell am I going to do? I wish I knew. There is still a part of me that wants to be a book editor. Or a shrink.

Sorry. This email caught me in a weird mood. Soemthing about turning 20 tomorrow and the gloomy day. The rain's way worse from the 47th floor, the clouds seem like they are hanging right over my head. Gah. I know it'll work itself out. Eventually.
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