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Oh my god, today is April 6. As in exactly a month and two days before May 8th.
What's May 8th, you ask? Only the official end of my first year in college, Penn's moveout day.

In a month I will have finished a quarter of my college education; I will be a year older and I'm not sure how much wiser.
Oh my god there's so much I need to do.

I need to decide once and for all when I want to go to Barcelona. I had originally planned to take a specific course which meant being there from the beginning to the end of a month so August seemed like a good idea but now i'm not and I dont know what I want to do. Sign up for August and just hope that I can find some job till then? Or do I want to go for July splitting my summer up? That way I could maybe leave early and meet up with some friends who are going to be in Europe. THat'd be fun...but expensive. Back to the fact that I don't have a job. Sigh.

I need to find a job. A LOT harder than it seems. sigh. fuck being overqualified for basic things and too young for interesting jobs. fuck it all.

I need to start planning for finals. My first and one of the more studying intensive finals is April 29- as in 3 weeks from now. Argh!!

My econ profesor just had her baby. Congratulations Gwen Eudey. Apparently we are getting one of her friends from the FED to teach us the rest of the material. Should be interesting.

Soooo much work left. At least I've Spring Fling to look forward to. Ended up talking to a few friends here recetnly and realized a lot of things about myself and about them. I need to get out more, I decided. Too bad I don't like drinking.

Today, while walking through Bennett Hall, I saw a poster advertising beginner Yiddish as a class. That would be awesome. BUt i'm already taking 6 classes. And one of them purely for myself. Can I really make myself drop a concentration class and take it? I wonder if they offer I during spring term. Sigh.

Posted mostly because thinking was getting hard.
I need to look for jobs and plane tickets.
I need to see Leslie and get my check from Huntsman.
I need to go to the bank.
I need to make good on my commitments to extra curriculars.
I need to do homework.
I need to need to need to.

I hate to do lists.
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